About the Open Source Approach

There are many paths of Yoga – as many paths in fact, as practitioners. Thinking about the open source approach, it is one that seeks to remember the space between the paths – it is actually the forest between individual paths that gives each path definition. Yoga is the remembrance of our connection to this source. Every school of Yoga is simply an approach. Some approaches work better at certain times than others. Open Source Yoga also understands that the practice is always evolving, and every Yogi adds her voice to that evolution, increasing consciousness and adding the beauty of deeper understanding to the world. This is the Yin, or the receptive principle, to the Yang of one path. An Open Source Yogi therefore has access to all approaches while refining the ability to discern the best approach for her.

Yoga cannot be owned because it is in all of us. Every time you’ve experienced a feeling of clarity, lightness of spirit or just taken a deep, conscious breath you’ve done Yoga. Learn to share your practice.

Daniel Clement