Open Source Ethics

Yoga cannot be owned. Breath, movement, reflection and inquiry are innately human qualities. O.S. Yoga’s development has been informed by the accumulated knowledge of those who offered their understanding freely. If this approach rings true for you, then you are and Open Source Yogi.

The relationship between a student and a teacher is based on friendship – not a guru/disciple power differential.

O.S. Yoga agrees with the  understanding that each one of us is a condensation of subtle energy in physical form.  However, the words spirit and nature imply a duality that is in fact just a concept.  The yoga tradition has much to offer, yet the most valuable practice is rational inquiry based on one’s own experience.

O.S. Yoga teachers teach to enable and support the student’s individual practice – not to create dependency.

Although O.S. Yoga has a name, it is not a brand or school of Yoga. It exists to shine a light on the space between the paths – the source of Yoga. It does not exist to serve itself. There is no hierarchy, or need for expansion. There are no licensing or membership fees.

O.S. Yoga seeks to reduce, wherever possible, the negative ecological effects of commerce. With this in mind, O.S. Yoga recognizes the power of yoga practice as a tool to establish community – to get to know each other more deeply on a local level. O.S. Yoga teachers are encouraged to teach from their homes, or walking/cycling distance from their homes. Students are encouraged to walk or cycle to class whenever possible. Smaller class sizes and decreased financial anxiety for the teacher can serve to preserve the integrity of the practice.

Students interested in 200 hour yoga teacher training on the gulf island  Texada, B.C. in 2016 will not be expected to adopt any belief system or dogma about life or what they hold to be valuable.  Honest inquiry is the starting point for practice.