Yoga teacher training – true competency.

What appears fragmented, yoga brings back home.

Through the process of becoming truly competent practicing and teaching yoga, the veils between you and your particular gifts lift away. Teaching yoga – whether gentle and contemplative or physically transformative – is both a service and a practice of self-nurturing.  Open Source Yoga teachers learn to offer an effective and safe form of practice that has at it’s centre the development of the student’s potential via skillful and compassionate teaching.

Learn to teach yoga, refining the fundamentals of pose form, sequencing, verbal cueing and the biomechanics of aligning bones, muscles and fascia.  Explore the fascinating history and contrast philosophies through the timeline of yoga.  Understand the practices of breath and stillness.  Restorative and Yin aspects of practice as well as Thai massage complete the training.

200 and 300 hour Yoga teacher training immersions and workshops held in Vancouver, B.C, the Sunshine coast and on the gulf Island of Texada in 2016

Daniel Clement