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Your Wound is Your Gift – $ 7.00

Your wound is your gift;
made conscious, your offering.
Offered freely, your healing.

This book explores the process of healing both the cultural and individual wounds we have, and applies practical means to healing including full reception of the breath and simple, daily hatha yoga practice – photos and text.

Teaching Hatha Yoga| 200 hour T.T. manual – $10.00

This manual covers the fundamental aspects of practice and teaching – techniques of practice, alignment fundamentals, teaching methodology, use of voice and clarity of language, effective demonstration, history and philosophy of the major branches of Yoga – Vedanta, Tantra, Hatha, and modern yoga- as well as the business of Yoga, ethics and how to creatively sequence any style of class for yourself or in your teaching.


“Daniel has written this book to be a guide to a 200 hour teacher program and I think he does his audience a service. I especially like the section on teaching methodology. It includes suggestions on speaking, demonstrating, sequencing and the role of a teacher. My other favorite section is a discussion of Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics that a new teacher must consider but without a guidebook like this one might not think to do so.”
– Paul Grilley; author of “Yin Yoga”


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