Steve Mitten, Life Coach – Ocean Park

“For anyone who loves yoga, and aspires to take their practice to a whole new level, I could not recommend the teacher training more highly. Lauren and Dan are incredibly gifted and gentle teachers that will bring out your inner yogi. I don’t know if I will ever teach a yoga class, but I enjoyed every minute of the journey, and the process has already paid huge dividends in my practice and life.”

Will Blunderfield –

“Dan Clement’s 200 hour yoga teacher training was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Dan’s passion for teaching yoga and knowledge of the discipline, combined with the broad scope of this course really helped prepare me for entering the world of yoga instruction.”

Islena Faircrest, Co-Owner of Samadhi Yoga in Coquitlam, BC

“Dan Clement is a teacher of teachers. Patient, unassuming, and ever-supportive, he embodies what he teaches. As a teacher he brings clarity to the mat, and makes understandable complex theory and philosophy. As a yoga studio owner who has already been teaching for many years, I found that his Yoga Teacher Training Program expanded my personal practice and range of wisdom to teach from exponentially. I highly recommend Dan and Naomi if you are seeking to expand your yoga journey not only from your own mat, but to others.”

Christie Yu from Taiwan, currently live in Shanghai

“I practiced yoga for around 4 years before I took the yoga teacher training, it’s really a blessing that we had Dan Clement as our teacher. I was so inspired by his teaching and benefited so much. My self practice improves, my old injuries are going away, and best of all, now my students are benefitting too. And it’s not just asana that I got influenced so much by Dan, his humility and open mind just show us what a true yogi should be. I feel harmony and peace in his class, and I wish one day I could be a teacher just like Dan.”

Desiree Foo, Singapore

“I have always believed in the healing power of yoga. After attending a workshop on using Yoga as therapy for sexually abused and trafficked youths suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I was so moved by the recovery from the victims in the program that I decided to take a Hanuman leap of faith, and flew half way across the world to join Dan’s Yoga Teacher Training summer program with Open Source Yoga. In an extremely supportive environment, we explored the limits of our bodies through movement, stillness, and meditation, whilst simultaneously learning acceptance and love for ourselves. I arrived with an open mind, I left with an open heart. I am now teaching Yoga to my colleagues, and I intend to take more workshops on using Yoga as a way to heal physical and emotional injuries. I have seen the results, both on myself, and others around me. Before, I was a mere spectator, but now, I am able to help others begin their journey towards healing. Thank you Dan, for giving me the honour of learning from you.”

Melissa – Now instructing at Hari Om Yoga, Langley, B.C.

“Taking the Yoga Teacher Training last summer was a transformational experience. I came into the training in love with the physical practice of yoga but nervous about the philisophical underpinnings that went along. Dan was amazing at offering all the information in an open and engaging way while encouraging us to use the knowledge to expand our already held most meaningful beliefs. Dan was attentive, inclusive, and inspirational in calling each of us to become teachers out of who we already are as people. He provided basic therapeutic knowledge throughout the training including adjustments for common injuries which have become invaluable to my teaching practice at local studios as so many individuals come to yoga to address physical pain. Finally, taking the training at Live Yoga, a cozy and empowering studio space in close proximity to the beach allowed me to build quick friendships with the students who I shared the training with and also meant many morning sessions were spent learning and practicing outside with an ocean view.”

 18 day Texada intensive training.